Give Bibles and Provide Meals to the Hungry!

#1108484 - Bibles and Meals for the Hungry

As many are questioning their traditional religious beliefs, Cru® staff are reporting massive interest in Christ. One report from an outreach to refugees paints the picture:

“Real miracles happen ... when [the refugees] enter, they are taken aback by our smiles and warmth ... We also put out stacks of free Bibles. Most have never seen one ... They often begin reading as soon as they can. Many volunteer their cell phone numbers so they can stay in contact and hear more about Christ. A number receive Christ ...”

Many in this region have never even seen God’s Word. But when they finally have the opportunity, they “begin reading as soon as they can.” Some pray to receive Christ on the spot! And this is happening all over the world.

Since 1951, Cru has been helping to fulfill the Great Commission by winning people to faith in Jesus Christ, building them in their faith and sending them to win and build others. Today, Cru is helping to spread the gospel in more than 190 countries.

God is at work in a special way to get His Word to the world.

  • In the Middle East, Cru missionaries rejoice at the amazing opportunity to openly distribute Bibles in major Arab cities. Our teams are able to reach more than one million people in these cities -- and missionaries have encountered local officials who actually allow Bibles to be freely displayed and distributed!

  • In post-Christian Europe, Cru staff ministering to teenagers are seeing incredible spiritual hunger. Their requests for Bibles total are DOUBLE the resources they have!

  • In one closed nation, the number of new believers increased by nearly 500 times in just 12 months! People are getting God’s Word and telling others the Good News. Now those people want their own Bibles –– but resources are scarce.

With so many doors opening wide, will you help put God’s Word into many more hands?

Each Bible, printed in the heart languages of the region, costs just $6.75 ­— including printing, shipping and distribution into some of the most difficult places in the world.

We are asking for your partnership to share the gospel with people all over the world.  Will you join these brothers and sisters? 

All it takes is a monthly gift of $6.75 to ensure that one more person can have the life-changing Word of God in their own language.

Some are giving $27 every month to provide 4 Bibles. That adds up to 48 Bibles a year — enough for a new church! Plus, if you make a $24 monthly gift, you will receive a FREE copy of John Stange’s book, Walking in Wisdom.**

For your first monthly gift of $24 or more to help us provide Bibles and meals, we will send you Walking in Wisdom — a $12.99 retail value. The retail value must be deducted from your first monthly contribution to our ministry to determine the tax-deductible portion of your gift.

And NOW your gift will go even farther. When you sign up to provide 3 Bibles a month for $24, as a thank you, we will provide meals to 12 hungry individuals through our humanitarian aid ministry.

One Cru missionary commented, “I have never encountered openness like this.”

This is why your monthly gift is so important.

And if God is calling you to make a one time Bible gift instead, that’s okay too! Above all, follow God’s lead. Any amount you give will change lives for eternity.

At this time of extraordinary harvest, thank you for your most generous gift to reach spiritually and physically hungry people!

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