Help Send 100,000 Bibles to a Thriving Mission Field

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“We broke our last Bible distribution record!”

Reports like these are pouring in! Ministry is thriving in places we never would have imagined possible just a few years ago.

But now we face a challenge: Cru missionaries are requesting for more Bibles to keep up. We need to send more Bibles to the field — 100,000!

For just $6.75 per copy, will you help put God’s Word into eager hands?

Cru missionaries report:

  • “Today we visited a small rural church [in Africa]. When we arrived we saw many people were waiting for us outside the church. The number of those waiting to receive a Bible was overwhelming ... everyone wanted to be blessed with the Bibles.”

  • “[A closed nation woman] dreamed about a person in white who told her to follow the Holy Spirit. She went to the group and asked who the Holy Spirit was … She accepted Jesus."

  • “As soon as the message gets out that the [Bibles] shipment has arrived, a multitude of a thousand people will line up outside for their only opportunity to receive a copy.”

Please help meet this critical need … because the requests for Bibles are growing in not just one or two regions, but all over the world.

The Middle East: Cru missionaries are reporting extraordinary spiritual hunger AND open doors to share God’s Word, despite widespread opposition to Christianity in the region. 

Others rejoiced at the amazing opportunity to openly distribute Bibles in major Arab cities. Our teams are able to reach more than one million people in these cities -- and missionaries have encountered local officials who actually allow Bibles to be freely displayed and distributed! 

But lack of Bibles could limit the incredible reach of their ministries. One leader recently shared: “Without ongoing funding for Bibles, our teams will not be able to continue to give out hundreds of thousands of Bibles each year!”

To seize extraordinary opportunities, more Bibles are needed.

Asia: Like the Middle East, sharing Jesus in many parts of Asia is dangerous: “Doing ministry in [this nation] is challenging as the government watches online. House churches and prayer meetings are banned.” 

Yet as you give and pray, Cru missionaries are seeing fruit: “We heard many non-Christians are reading and meditating on Bible verses.” Now, one new convert shares the gospel with her friends every single day! And Cru teams are reaching deeper and deeper into hard places, accessing isolated people groups who’ve never before heard about Jesus. 

To reach the unreached, more Bibles are needed.

Africa: Like Asia, missionaries are specifically focusing on the most isolated, unreached people groups … sharing the gospel, planting churches and delivering Bibles! One man had been taught that being a Christian was a crime. But someone like you helped get a Bible into his hands, and he gave his heart to Christ: “This is my very first Bible as a convert [from another religion]. I cherish it.” 

Another new believer also received a Bible and began reading it to his family every night before bed. His faithfulness at home soon touched others in his life, and now he has helped start a new church of 24 people! 

To equip more evangelists, more Bibles are needed.

For just $6.75, you can provide a copy of God’s Word, translated into the heart language of the recipient.

That includes any expenses for printing, shipping and distribution, even into very difficult/closed nations. Additionally, each Bible (usually offered in print but occasionally in digital format for security):

  • Contains contact information so the recipient can ask questions and receive discipleship.
  • Is almost always given by Cru missionaries and partner churches who build a relationship with the recipient.
  • Helps enfold individuals into a church and sparks a lifetime of spiritual growth!

Your gift today — whether it be $27 for 4 Bibles, $81 for a dozen (enough for a small group!), $270 for 40 Bibles or more — will help send God’s Word to the ends of the earth ... giving seeking people not just a book, but the inspired Word of God!

God has already prepared hearts to receive His Word. He has raised up missionaries who are willing to endure hardship and danger to deliver Bibles everywhere. 

Huge distribution opportunities, including the Summer Olympics (where we can get Bibles to athletes to take home to closed nations), are right around the corner. 

Please give today to help answer these requests. Whatever the Lord lays on your heart will help get Bibles to men and women who often have no other way to obtain God’s Word. 

You’ll put them in the hands of the poor. The oppressed. Those who’ve never before heard about Jesus.

Again, funds are needed to send 100,000 Bibles to the field. It’s a huge goal: we don’t want to let these requests go unfulfilled. 

Thank you for your faithfulness to give the Word!

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