With a Great Commission Donor Advised Fund (GCDAF), you can make gifts into a Fund today and advise grants on your timeline. In the meantime, any investment growth in the GCDAF comes tax-free through an investment strategy that you recommend. The GCDAF serves as a hub to facilitate and grow your generosity! 

With an easy-to-use online account, you can advise grants, track your giving, and avoid the tax-time hassle of collecting receipts from various organizations. The GCDAF creates space for you to seek God’s guidance in your giving decisions by relieving you of the pressure to handle tax strategy and giving decisions all at once. 

You may be familiar with donor-advised funds, but the Great Commission Donor Advised Fund through Cru Foundation has three key distinctions.

3 Key Distinctions of a Great Commission Donor Advised Fund

 1. Funds in the GCDAF are managed by qualified professionals who share your Christian values. 
Our team of knowledgeable professionals and an experienced  Christian investment advisory firm manages the GCDAF. You can recommend one of six low-cost investment profiles to support a range of grant-making options. Any investment growth from your recommended investment profile is tax-free and available for grant recommendations. Learn more at crufoundation.org/investments.   

2. The GCDAF has NO administrative fee.
This means more of your contribution is freed up to express the kindness of Jesus through Cru or other charitable organizations you support.

Administrative fees can add up to thousands of dollars that could instead go toward accelerating the Great Commission. A typical DAF fee for a balance of $500,000 is $3,000. 

But when you eliminate a $3,000 administrative fee that could mean:

  • 444 MORE Bibles for those who’ve never had God’s Word in their heart language.
  • 10,000 MORE meals for people facing starvation.
  • 15,000 MORE opportunities for people to hear the life-changing gospel message.

That’s why we’ve eliminated the administrative fee!

3. You’ll have our team for help and all access to the redesigned GCDAF online giving portal.
Our team is not only here to assist and help with your Fund account; we’re here to pray for and support you on your stewardship journey. We can also help you navigate the updated online portal where you can view your statement, investment activity, and giving history and make distribution requests. 

To learn more about the benefits of a Great Commission Donor Advised Fund or to complete a secure online application, visit crufoundation.org/GCDAF!

The Cru Foundation DAF team is here to answer your questions! Call us at 800-449-5454 or email us at info@crufoundation.org