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Your Gift Will Provide Humanitarian Aid and Share Eternal Hope

This year nearly 300 million people worldwide will require humanitarian assistance. Suffering people need meals, clean water, critical aid, and other essentials. They also need to know about Jesus and the hope He gives.

As Unto® approaches the fiscal year-end, you can help meet the physical and spiritual needs of those living in the toughest places on earth. Currently, $59,500 is needed by August 31 so key projects continue to advance in places where people critically need help and hope. As relationships form, our local teams will also build relationships and share the message of hope as opportunities arise.


Your generosity today will help fuel critical projects like these:

  • OPEN DOORS TO A NEW COUNTRY WITH MEALS – Our local team has a unique opportunity to provide meals for suffering families in a new, highly secure country. All that is needed is the funding to meet these families’ immediate nutritional needs, which will open doors for building relationships and sharing hope.
  • SUPPLY UNREACHED PEOPLE WITH ACCESS TO CLEAN WATER – New wells were drilled in an unreached area of Malawi recently. The wells will impact approximately 50,000 people! But since this area is so dry, they had to drill extra deep to find water. Funding is needed to finish the projects and ensure people hear about Jesus.
  • REACH PEOPLE IN A WAR ZONE WITH LIFESAVING AID – Unto has a container full of humanitarian aid being prepared to go to one of the most difficult countries in the world to access. The country is in the midst of war. The local team is waiting for aid to distribute to those who are suffering and share hope.
  • EQUIP GIRLS LIVING IN POVERTY – In Honduras more than 50 percent of the population lives in poverty. Many women and girls are without access to basic knowledge of how to care for themselves and their families. Our local Unto team has an opportunity to provide 120 school-age girls with aid and health training while also sharing God’s love.

Will you give today to ensure more people in the toughest places experience the kindness of Jesus through key humanitarian projects and hear about His eternal hope?


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