Ethnic Ministry Fund (EMF)


Thank you for your interest in seeing more men and women of color in full-time ministry with Cru. The Ethnic Ministry Fund (EMF) was established to assist ethnic minority missionaries in pursuing God’s call on their lives. The fund is supported by Cru staff members and partners who are inclined to financially support ethnic minority staff members. The fund has served ethnic minority interns and new staff members who are raising their support as well as periodically assisting ethnic minority senior staff members who may need additional funding.

The need for ethnic minority staff members to be involved in ministry is critical, but sometimes developing the necessary funding can be challenging and may even preclude many from serving in full-time ministry. Partners of the EMF play a crucial role in on-ramping minority staff members to become fully supported. Your contributions make a difference in minority missionaries’ initial experiences at Cru as they follow their dreams, desires, and callings to serve the kingdom as full-time missionaries in their respective fields.  Cru is passionate about its commitment to oneness and diversity. We are committed to:

  • Ensuring that our ministries and leadership reflect the ethnic diversity of the communities we serve.
  • Being a community that embraces ethnicity in ways that bring healing, growth and greater unity to the body of Christ.
  • Developing policies and systems that enable people from all ethnic backgrounds to fully participate in the mission of Cru.
  • Engaging all people with the good news of the gospel and inviting them to follow Jesus.
  • Equipping everyone in Cru to minister cross-culturally.
  • Helping fulfill the Great Commission by becoming a colorful tapestry, serving together in unity and proclaiming Jesus Christ to the world in word and deed.

EMF recipients serve on the staff teams of numerous Cru ministries. When you support the EMF, your giving impacts a whole host of Cru ministries and those they serve.

Your partnership with the EMF promotes staff diversity, accelerates minority staff members reporting to their assignment and helps minority brothers and sisters in Christ to remain in ministry. You are invited to join in expanding the kingdom of God by helping send people from every culture into the mission field.

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