Inner City - Easter Bags


Poverty plagued Jocelyn's family for generations — going as far back as they knew.

Like many in low-income households, Jocelyn's mom had missed out on much of the fun of childhood — and now, as a grown-up, she felt the loss.

So Jocelyn's mom was eager to take Jocelyn and her little sister to the Easter Party a church in their neighborhood was throwing — complete with Easter Bags full of ...

  1. Easter treats, crayons, and a toy
  2. A colorful bracelet that explains the gospel
  3. A "Book of Hope" Bible story-activity book designed for children of the inner city

And, by God's grace, when a church leader shared the story of Easter ... the plan of salvation ... Jocelyn, her sister, and their mom all gave their lives to Christ!

An Easter Bag — provided by a friend like you — began it all ... giving the gift of new life to an entire family.

And it takes just $46.25 to provide five Easter Bags to children in the inner city and help keep all of our urban ministries reaching out with the love of Jesus in practical ways. A gift of $92.50 provides ten Easter Bags to boys and girls in need.

Please reach more families like Jocelyn's by giving as generously as possible today.

Thank you for being part of what God is doing through Cru in the inner city! God bless you!

In Him,

Milton Massie
Executive Director/Steward


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