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God has opened a strategic door for the Christian Embassy, New York, a ministry of Cru to address the deeper needs of the world by ministering to a crucial group of people-- ambassadors and diplomats to the United Nations. These representatives to the U.N. are on a mission from their country to the world, to tend the fragile "City of Man." Their diplomatic call is a profound responsibility: often, it is a call to address atrocity; always, one to establish justice. As they meet to solve the problems facing humanity, the Christian Embassy, New York is there to provide the deeper solution-- a relationship with Jesus Christ. One ambassador, transformed by the revelation of God's love, may impact an entire nation; his daily government work may have far reaching political and spiritual implications.

The Christian Embassy has been presenting the gospel to the U.N. community since 1980 providing a biblical world view and a Christian perspective on issues facing the diplomats. In short, the radical mission of the Christian Embassy is no less than influencing the world for the Kingdom of God.

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