Chicago Day Camp


Lives are changed forever at Summer Day Camp! 

Kids enjoy organized gym games and splash each other at the beach each week. They  even use their creative muscles to make memorable crafts. 

Most importantly, the campers hear the gospel! They learn what it means to know Jesus as their Savior and friend. As they hear Bible lessons, sing songs and memorize scripture their lives are impacted for eternity! 

Summer Day Camp is really a group effort. Cru partners with local churches, volunteer groups, and friends like you to make this life-changing experience possible. You can help in two ways. First, PRAY that children’s hearts will be open to the good news and that Christ-followers will grow in their faith. 

Secondly, you can PARTNER with us by sponsoring one or more children to attend all three weeks of Summer Day Camp. We don’t want money to prevent our neighbors from enrolling their children in Summer Day Camp. That is why we are seeking sponsors for all 100 campers. 

A gift of $200 will totally sponsor one child. A gift of $600 sponsors three children. Your gift of $2,000 will open the door for ten children. Together we can show God’s love to children in Chicago this summer, and give them an opportunity to follow Jesus. We pray you will meet many of them in heaven!

Thank you in advance for whatever you choose to give! Your prayers and financial support will make an eternal impact.

You can make it possible for children to attend the Agape Center's Summer Day Camp and hear the gospel!

  • $2,000 for 10 children
  • $1,000 for 5 children
  • $600 for 3 children
  • $200 for 1 child

You can give online using the Give a Gift box above on the right.

God bless you!

[You can also bless a child with a PowerPack, a backpack full of school supplies ... and the gospel. Click here to give.]


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