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Here at Penn State Cru, we are a community that is captivated by Jesus, transformed by his Gospel, and launched by God out into the world to tell others about the peace and forgiveness we've found in our Savior! We seek to be a ministry that is dependent on the Lord - dependent on his Word, dependent on the Holy Spirit, and above all, dependent on grace.

God is calling all of us to reach Penn State's 45,000 students, grads, and faculty with the saving knowledge and experience of the Gospel - will you join us in this massive project that the Lord has laid before us? Without you and others like you, we won't be able to resource the ministry to make sure that every Penn Stater receives and invitation to believe in and follow Jesus! You donations supply everything from Gospel-sharing tools and Bibles for new Christians to materials for large scale outreaches and scholarships for students to attend our amazing conferences and retreats!

Please be part of the Penn State Cru family, and make it possible for other people to meet, get to know, and fall in love with our glorious, amazing Savior!


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