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What is Cru's high school ministry?

As the high school ministry of Cru, we love teenagers and want to connect them to Jesus Christ. Since 1967, we have been reaching out to teenagers across America and the world. Our team is made up of full-time and part-time staff members, interns and volunteers who join hands with parents, educators, churches and community leaders. We help students and equip them to make a positive and eternal difference.

Why is reaching teenagers important?

High school and middle school are the only doors through which nearly every individual passes, making an outreach to teenagers one of the most important strategies in our nation. If a movement to reach teenagers with the gospel was at every school, every person in a community could have the opportunity to hear the good news of Christ before leaving high school.

How can I be involved in the high school ministry of Cru?

  1. Invest financially. When you give to this High School account (#2290417), you are contributing toward the national ministry and support of our local ministries around the globe. For more information about giving opportunities, contact or call (800) 699-4678.
  2. Start a local outreach at your school. Call Cru’s Coaching Center at (877) Go-Campus (462-2678). Let us coach you to begin an effective campus outreach in your city.
  3. Join the High School staff, intern and volunteer team. Use your love for teenagers and your gifts to help bring students to Christ and build them in their faith. Opportunities are available in direct ministry with students, as well as roles in operations, administration, media, web and more. For additional information, call 800-836-3507 or email


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