Wojtek and Agata Tubek


We are Wojtek and Agata Tubek. We serve Lord in Warsaw, Poland. Polish part of Cru is called Ruch Chrześcijański Mt28.

Here is some facts about us:

We have two daughters Ela (21), Dominika (19) and son Krzys (14). We joined CCC staff in 1993. The first seven years on staff we were involved in the campus ministry, then in AIA (Athletes in Action). In 2003 we were asked by our leaders to join Operation Team, since 2014 I was leader of operation in Poland. 
Both my wife Agata and I heard the gospel through CCC. We both studied in Cracow at that time.


My story. When I became Christian, Jesus changed my life. He gave me purpose and meaning. I can also say I have found the truth that I had searched for and I had wanted to rely on in my life. He said: "I am the way, the truth, and the life..."When I still was a student I saw a lot of other students just like me looking for truth, meaning, and purpose. I found all that and I wanted to tell others about it. After some time God gave me a desire to share the gospel with college students. That is why I want to tell others what I have experienced in my life - meeting a living God.


My story. As a new believer I was very excited about my salvation that I have received by faith. Later I understood I could not keep the Good News to myself. I needed to tell others about Him. That encouraged me to get involved in the ministry of CCC.

From the perspective I can see that it really makes a difference to be able to face life with Jesus. And yet most Poles are not sure about their eternal destination and even many of them go to church they do not know what it means to be saved. It motivates me to take initiative and tell them about Jesus. And that gives me a great joy when I have the privilege of bringing others to the Lord Jesus.

Our ministry. Since 2003 my main ministry is in our head office of CCC in Warsaw, Poland.  I was serving as office manager, financial manager and led operations and now I'm leader of LDHR for CCC in Poland. Now as a part of National Leadership Team I'm responsible for Leadership Development and Humand Resources. It is a privilege to be able to use my gifting and talents to help accelerate the fulfillment of the Great Commission. My wife Agata is serving in finnancial department.

I'm involved in 4Musketeer project which helps men became godly men and influence their families, churches and society as they follow Christ.  We see lack of spiritual leaders in Poland. I am very excited seeing how the Lord transforms life of men when they start to follow Christ.

It would be a great help and privilege if you became our partners in this ministry. We would like to ask you to consider it prayerfully. Thank you so much for your commitment to our ministry in Poland.

Email us: wtubek(at)mt28.pl

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