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A woman named Mina was at the lowest point of her life. Her husband had run off with another woman, abandoning her and their two teens. Mina had no job; finances were terribly tight. The Box of Love made a powerful impact. It wasn't long before she and her children were coming to church. There they discovered God's love for the very first time. The children are active in Sunday school. A few weeks later, Mina was baptized! And through someone in the church, Mina found work at a local store.

You can share Thanksgiving dinner with a hungry families here in New York City by giving to our annual Box of Love® campaign tradition.

In every box, as always, there is a "main course" (a turkey, a ham, or chicken), along with vegetables, potatoes, juice, stuffing, apple or cranberry sauce, rice, fruit, dessert, and more ... plus a gospel presentation — a complete New Testament and Christian literature.

Even more important than the food itself, a caring Christian neighbor, sharing that Box of Love®, will form a loving connection to that family ... and from there, only God knows what will happen! We've seen lives TRANSFORMED.

  • A woman named Rani, her husband a drug dealer, had been begging and borrowing from relatives in order to buy food for herself and her daughter. She was overjoyed to receive the bountiful supply of food in the Box of Love — and arrived at church the very next day. She came to faith, and she has continued to attend the church with her 11-year-old daughter.
  • A mother named Sara was captivated by the gospel — and showed up at church the next Sunday with her seven- and 11-year-old sons. Today all three are joyful, active members of the church — and praying for their dad to join them!
  • A middle-aged woman named Lena was overjoyed to receive the Box of Love and immediately began attending the church. She was soon able, through a connection in the congregation, to find a good job. And she volunteers cleaning the church building.

Every $41.40 you give will provide a family of six with a wonderful Thanksgiving meal. Maybe you can give $82.80 to share with two families. Or $165.60 to share with four families. Or more.

This year, we're planning to provide 5,000 Boxes of Love for our partner ministries to give to their hurting neighbors. The gift we're inviting you to give today isn't just for one holiday meal. It's for the sake of transformed lives ... it's for the sake of heaven.

Yes, there's an immediate need. But meet that need ... and you have an opportunity to introduce someone to Jesus. And rewrite eternity.


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