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Yes, it's an awesome backpack full of great school supplies — brand-new pencils, paper, crayons, everything.

But it's more.

They'll hear the Good News. They'll come to know Jesus. And, in many cases, so will their family.

And it all starts with a PowerPack®.

A small gift from you ... a BIG impact for eternity.

Cru gets school supplies at a major discount, so your contribution today can go further:

  • Give $80 to provide PowerPacks® for 2 children.
  •  Give $120 to provide for 3 children.
  • Give $200 to provide for 5 children.
  • Give $400 to provide for 10 children.

How many PowerPacks can you give at the start of this school year to change children's lives by the power of God's love?

In Him,

Milton Massie
Executive Director


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