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This year, we've had to adapt our Boxes of Love® Outreach for the safety of everyone involved. We will be delivering either our traditional boxes packed full of food supplies and a frozen turkey ... or we'll be delivering a Thanksgiving meal in the form of an Aldi gift card and a frozen turkey. But most importantly, we'll continue sharing the gospel and connecting families to local churches.

Will you help provide  1,695 meals so as many as 9,935 people can hear the gospel this Thanksgiving?

We are giving our church partners precious tools for sharing the love and hope of the gospel with families in need. Each meal will be enough food for a family of six to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal in their own home. Our church partners are trained to share the gospel message clearly. This Thanksgiving you can get involved by sponsoring a meal.

Our suggested donation for one meal is $43.40 to cover the cost of the gift card, the turkey and gospel materials.

● $43.40 sponsors 1 Box of Love
● $86.80 sponsors 2 Boxes of Love
● $130.20 sponsors 3 Boxes of Love
● $217.00 sponsors 5 Boxes of Love
● $434.00 sponsors 10 Boxes of Love


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