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Steve Suddoth from Zion Baptist Church, a partner of Cru®, has been ministering in his community for over ten years. He has encountered many people and could tell lots of stories about his experiences, but he couldn't contain his excitement about how perfect God's timing was meeting one woman named Kathryn!

Steve was out with some others on a cold winter day. It was following the holidays during a time when loneliness and despair sets in for many people. They knocked on a door, and at first, no one answered. This was how their afternoon had been going, and they were becoming a bit discouraged. They knocked again. No response.

One last time, Steve gently tapped on the door, expecting that no one would open it, and they would be on their way to the next house. As they turned to leave, a woman opened the door. Her face seemed to show that her spirit was troubled. Steve and the others introduced themselves to Kathryn and explained about the box of food provided by Cru Inner City that they had for her. They asked if they could pray with her, and she broke down. "The Lord must have sent you," Kathryn said through tears. Then she explained, "I've been contemplating suicide all week."

She poured out her heart about losing her job, suffering from broken family relationships, and how she had, in her isolation, concluded that suicide would be easier. "God didn't intend that for you," Steve gently affirmed, before lifting her burdens to the Lord in prayer.

After prayer, her whole body visibly changed from troubled to content and peaceful. "In talking with you," said Kathryn, "a big burden was lifted off." She came to church at Zion Baptist Church the following Sunday, and a church deacon has been following up with her, helping her understand more about God's love!

Your care, compassion, prayers, and financial support make it possible for our urban partners like Steve and Zion Baptist to connect with people like Kathryn in their neighborhoods with tangible expressions of Jesus' love.

While COVID-19 is changing what ministry looks like, we are continuing to serve and equip our urban church partners for ministry in these unique times. People in poverty often face limited options and are even more so in light of the impacts of COVID-19. As we continue to create options that address these realities and lead to transformed lives, know that we do it together!

Any gift you contribute will help us care for more families in need. $150 will help us minister to a family of five. Gifts of $450 enable us to impact fifteen individuals in need. You can bless 10 families with a gift of $1,500. $3,000 will help us reach one hundred more people!

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$150 ministers to a family of 5
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$3,000 reaches 100 more people! 

We're so thankful for your continued support of our ministry. We truly couldn't do it without you!


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