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Alisha didn’t have an easy life.  A single mother of four, she had to leave the city she knew for a small town she didn’t, just to keep a roof over her family’s heads. On top of that, an experience with trauma made it difficult to cope. She knew the Lord, but had fallen out of step with Christian community, and felt guilty for not bringing her children to church.

One day last summer, her mother, who still lived in St. Paul, invited Alisha and her children to attend a new church with her: Progressive Baptist Church, a partner ministry of Cru. Alisha agreed. She wanted to get her family’s lives back on a good path before school started.

That Sunday, the church was distributing Cru’s PowerPacks to families so their children could be well equipped to begin the school year!  Many families struggle to provide basic school supplies like notebooks, folders, pencils, erasers, and more. Alisha felt blessed to have this need met for her children. Not only did the children receive needed school supplies, but all four of them heard the gospel and expressed faith in Christ!

Although Alisha still lives a distance from the church and sometimes has barriers to regular attendance, she recently told her new friends at church that she will soon be relocating back to St. Paul. “I’m preparing to get reconnected,” she announced with excitement. We praise the Lord for the loving Christian community Alisha and her family have found. Through your partnership, by providing PowerPacks that were used to bring the gospel to her children, you’re helping make an eternal difference for families like Alisha’s!

Just $97.35 will supply three children with a PowerPack, $32.45 will meet the needs of one child.  Every PowerPack you give also gives an opportunity to hear the gospel. Anything you can give would be a huge help!

We’re so thankful for your continued support of our ministry, we truly couldn’t do it without you!


Ryan Sather

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