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Some might look at Joel, a wheel-chair-bound man and see someone in need. But that doesn’t hold him back – instead he finds ways to bless others, even through his disability.

Joel attends New Wine Church, one of our partners in Minneapolis’ Kingfield neighborhood. Joel doesn’t have a vehicle, so he often takes a cab for long distances. He regularly has the same driver, a man we’ll call Abe. Abe and Joel started to get to know each other a little more each time Joel needed a lift. Over time, they became friends.

Last year when Joel realized that Abe was struggling to put food on the table for his family, he got an idea. See, New Wine was in the midst of delivering Boxes of Love® to families who visit their food shelf. Joel figured surely they had one with Abe’s name on it!

One cold night, Joel asked his pastor, Reggie, to drive him to Abe’s house. Abe was happy to see his friend had come to visit, welcoming Joel and Pastor Reggie into his home. When they presented the box filled with enough food for a thanksgiving meal for his whole family, Abe was moved. He said no one had ever given him anything.

Then, as they visited with Abe, Joel and Pastor Reggie felt led by the Holy Spirit to share that Jesus’ own generosity was the reason for theirs. The two told Abe about how Christ’s death and resurrection set each of them free. They explained the gospel and Jesus’ offer of eternal life. Abe had never heard of Jesus before! He was so blessed by their gift and their words, God used these things to open his heart, and he prayed in faith to accept Jesus as his Savior.

“The Box of Love was a conduit,” Pastor Reggie said. It was a conduit to demonstrate and offer God’s love to Abe!

This year as more families in need receive a Box of Love from our partner churches, the message of Jesus’ love will bring the offer of hope into their lives. Please pray that God will use each box of food to richly bless the hungry with His tangible love and mercy and draw many to faith.

Would you consider filling a Box of Love for a hungry family this season? With just $41.40, you can fill one Box that feeds a family of six. Help provide those in need with a meal that could change a life – or maybe even a whole family!

Thanks for giving, for praying and for helping us live out God’s heart for the poor.

Ryan Sather 


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