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He Still Sees

One cold day last winter, LaTonya ventured out on the streets carrying a wool blanket bundle with some toiletries tucked inside. LaTonya is pastor at a Cru® partner church, and was heading out with the hopes of giving away a Homeless Care Kit. 

She saw an older woman, dressed in raggedy clothes, sitting on the side of a street. LaTonya approached the woman, and tried to start a conversation. The woman seemed to have her guard up. LaTonya explained the blanket she had, and that it was a gift from the Lord, but the woman refused it. Disappointed, LaTonya left, but she wasn’t convinced that her interaction with this woman was over.

A few days later LaTonya returned to the same spot. She persisted over several visits to talk with the woman, who we’ll call Ange. Throughout the visits Ange continued to hold LaTonya at arm’s length, but each time revealed parts of her story. 

She told LaTonya that she’d had a successful career for many years, despite her lack of formal education. Ange worked hard, so she was repeatedly promoted based on performance. She told LaTonya she never imagined that with years of experience, her job would be at risk. She was wrong. Ange’s proud front began to unfold as LaTonya listened.

Finally, one day when LaTonya paid Ange another visit – with Homeless Care Kit in tow – Ange let her guard down. She accepted the gift from LaTonya. LaTonya reminded Ange of the one who was really offering her this gift. Ange admitted that she often felt, with all that happened in her life, as though God had forgotten her. She added with a soft smile, that the pastor’s persistence to give her this gift, showed Ange that God still saw her and would meet her needs. 

The two women prayed together as Ange rededicated herself to Christ! With the power of the Holy Spirit, a willing servant of the Lord, and a Homeless Care Kit, a life can be transfused with hope! We are prayerful that many more who are homeless and struggling will find God’s love through Homeless Care Kits this winter. Your generosity will make that possible! 

For every $36.30, you can provide one person with this compassionate gift and a chance to feel God’s love again, or for the very first time. Please consider a donation of $72.60 to provide two Homeless Care Kits, or as much as you are able. 

Thank you for partnering with us to show compassion to the homeless,

Ryan Sather 


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