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Larry and Wanda, parents of three small children, both had a church background ... but their experiences hadn’t been positive. They had learned about Jesus in the past, but they weren’t following him ... and they knew it.

Members from New Hope Fellowship had invited them to worship services in the past, but Larry and Wanda had never been willing to commit.

So, the church came to them; two members from New Hope, Brady and Ashley, paid a visit to Larry and Wanda’s house. They knew finances were tight, so they brought a Box of Love® filled with all the ingredients for a Thanksgiving meal!

Brady and Ashley knocked on the door, box in hand, and Wanda invited them in! Their conversation quickly turned to the topic of eternal life. As Brady, Ashley and Wanda made their way through a gospel tract, Brady noticed that Larry was in the dining room, paying close attention to the conversation, but keeping his distance.

Brady invited Larry over and the four of them discussed God’s plan for salvation. When the time was right, Brady looked at Larry and asked, “Who do you want to be in control of your life?” Larry and Wanda looked at each other, almost as if they were saying, “are you ready for this?” Larry took a breath and responded, “Jesus.”

What had started as a visit to bring the gift of a Thanksgiving meal ended with the gift of salvation! Larry and Wanda asked Jesus to forgive their sins and for help to follow him!

Every time you donate a Box of Love, you create an opportunity for local churches to share the gospel with families just like Larry and Wanda’s. Would you consider touching more lives by filling a Box of Love for a hungry family this season? With just $41.40, you can fill one Box that feeds a family of six. Help provide those in need with a meal that could change a life!

Thanks for giving, for praying and for living out God’s heart for the poor.

Renae Kemp
Aaron Robertson
City Co-Directors


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