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The Provision of the Father

Curt and Ken* first got to know each other through a prison ministry that served inmates like Ken. Recently, the two of them were talking and Curt happened to mention that his congregation, Family Baptist Church in North Minneapolis, had a special outreach called PowerPacks™ – a program designed to meet the needs of children returning to school. Cru® provided the church with 70 new backpacks filled with school supplies and kid-friendly gospel material so that Family Baptist could reach out to neighborhood families in need. The PowerPacks would help the kids start off the school year properly equipped and have an opportunity to hear the gospel.

Ken was intrigued, and admitted that seven of his nine children didn’t have backpacks or school supplies to begin the year. As a father, he wasn’t sure what he was going to do. He felt terrible that he couldn’t provide for his children. Later on, when Curt returned to Family Baptist, he was elated to find that there were exactly seven backpacks leftover from the outreach – it was perfect!

He got in touch with Ken and arranged to contact his wife. Curt delivered the backpacks to Ken’s family, introduced himself and invited them to church. Ken’s wife and children attended the following Sunday. When Ken heard what had happened, he felt blessed by the act of kindness and generosity from Curt and his church. After Ken was released from prison and returned home to be with his family, they all began attending Family Baptist Church together. They’ve built relationships with people at the church and have begun to grow in relationship with Christ.

We are so grateful for partners like Family Baptist! Together we can meet practical needs and share the love of Christ with families and individuals across the metro area! Your partnership with us—by your giving, praying and volunteering, enables us to reach out with resources like the PowerPacks. A gift of $64.90 from you will provide PowerPacks for two children...$97.35 provides for three children...$162.25 will provide for five children. Whatever you can do will make a difference for children in need—both materially and spiritually!

Thank you for all you do to help us live out God’s heart for the poor!

Ryan Sather
City Director

*name changed to protect privacy 


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All contributions to Cru are income tax deductible and are made with the understanding that Cru has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds.