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Erin's children were nervous.

This would be the second year in a row they handed out Easter Bags to the neighborhood their mother called "The Twelve": the dozen houses pressed together on one Minneapolis block.

Last year, James and Abigail gave out a verbal invitation for their neighbors to join them at church with each Easter Bag. This year, the invitation would be paper, personalized by James and Abigail's drawings of the cross and Jesus. Something their neighbors could keep after the treats in each Easter Bag were gone.

Before long, the kids were racing to be the first to ring the next doorbell with an Easter Bag in hand. "I want to tell them about Jesus," James insisted. And he did. Every house Erin and her kids visited were given not only a bag and an invitation, but a heartfelt promise from either James or Abigail: "Jesus loves you even more than we do."

Erin is a Sunday school teacher in the city. Last year, her pastor challenged her to invest her time in The Twelve ... to minister through consistent, determined love.

This year, God showed her the fruit of her determination. The week after the Easter Bags were prayerfully delivered, Erin recognized a couple from The Twelve at her church. When she approached them, they said, "We were curious about the picture on the bag." The picture was a drawing of Jesus. That day, Erin's neighbors prayed in faith to receive Jesus as their savior.

Can you help us touch the lives of kids and their parents this Easter? A gift of $82.50 will supply Easter Bags for 10 children. $41.25 will bless 5. $8.25 will make a difference for one child. Whatever you can do will help!

You can make your contributions using the gift button on the upper right or you can send a check, payable to Cru Inner City, to Cru, 2112 NE Broadway Street, Ste. 100, Minneapolis, MN 55413.

Thank you for helping us to provide the necessary resources and training for our partner ministries as they reach out to families in their communities with the powerful message of the gospel.


Ryan Sather
City Director
Inner City Twin Cities


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