Danil and Ksenia Chersunov


We are Daniel and Ksenia Chersunov. We serve in Russia, Saint-Petersburg with college students.

We love our ministry and love to see how God at work among Russian students.

Recently we started reaching students and non-students (young families) through the internet. 

We finished university in 2003, with degrees in physics (Daniel) and social work (Ksenia)

If you have any questions about our ministry or want to receive our prayer letters - please write us!

Our e-mail: dchersunov@gmail.com

Telephone: +7-952-209-62-47(russian mobile telephone)

or you can write us one of these ways:

Facebook: http://facebook.com/daniel.chersunov

Ministry Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spbmovement/

Twitter: @nesirota_daniel
Skype: cherdak2006 or Daniel and Ksenia Chersunov

Our ministry blog: www.campusministry.info

Website: http://campusministry.info

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