POL Adamus, Adam


Adam's testimony: I did not believe in God even though I was raised up in a Catholic family. I was living for myself. My world revolved around friends and alcohol. When I was 18 years old my disappointment with my friends, my conflict with the law, and the marital separation of my parents made me think about the mining of life and about God. At that time, in 1981, I had my very first contact with the Bible. I started to read it and was so impressed with Jesus and His teaching that I decided to change my life. But I did not want to surrender my life to God but I tried to be a good man for a few years. Of course, I could not live a good, godly life by myself. I gave up. But God did not. In 1986 - in my second year at the university - two students shared the Gospel with me. This time I decided to open my heart to Jesus and surrender my life to God. Under the influence of God's Word, discussions, and the help of other students  I understood what God had done for me. My life started to change. I decided to be baptized and I joined a local Baptist church. I desired to share the Gospel with others and I made it the purpose of my life. In 1990 I joined the Campus Crusade for Christ staff, where I still serve. 

I got married in 1993. Tamara and I had three children Paul (28), Martha (26), and Agatha (24). We lived together for almost 25 years. Tamara passed in 2017. In November 2022 I got married again to Jola. We want to reach out to people around us and tell them about God's love, grace, and forgiveness. We dream about starting a church in our house.

Questions? Comments? You can reach me at aadamus@mt28.pl

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