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#2777777 defines the word catalyst in this way: “something that causes activity between two or more persons or forces without itself being affected.”

The Holy Spirit is the ultimate ministry catalyst, and at times he does his catalytic work through ministry resources. Consider, for example, the classic gospel presentation Have You Heard of the Four Spiritual Laws?, written by Cru®’s founder Bill Bright. Millions have placed their faith in Christ through it, and its many contextualized versions, since its initial publication in 1965. Even more, hundreds of thousands of Christians have been equipped and mobilized to share their faith after encountering this simple booklet.

This illustrates our heart: to help catalyze evangelism and discipleship, thereby accelerating the completion of the Great Commission. We don’t publish “Christian books,” but develop ministry resources: Bible studies, evangelism conversation tools, gospel presentations, and more (and, yes, some books too). When introduced to a Spirit-filled believer, these resources can quickly catalyze spiritual multiplication.

The whole of our team’s work can be summarized in two words: Development and Distribution. CruPress® is our resource development and publishing arm, working in collaboration with Cru ministries to create resources that serve their needs as well as those of like-minded churches and Christians around the world. The Cru Store is the chief place for distributing these resources.

Maintaining an excellent online store requires facilities, customer service, inventory and distribution systems, and the computing power to keep it all organized. And our ever-changing world requires constant refining and innovation to ensure that our resources remain relevant and effective.

We operate primarily on resource sales, but in order to keep the prices of our resources as low as possible, we long for faithful friends and supporters to come alongside us. Your financial partnership enables us to offset necessary operational costs and invest in resource development, and it is so greatly appreciated.

Thank you for partnering with us to help thousands of other Christians reach their neighborhoods, cities, campuses, and other communities for Christ!

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