The world is in reach. Because of the Internet, we are no longer limited to finding people who will let us talk to them about Jesus. Now, those who are searching can come to us!

For millions of people, the search for God starts at Google. 

​Every day, throughout the world, people are going to Google and typing in questions like: Does God exist? Why is life so hard? Is Jesus God?

You can help make EveryStudent.com be there for them at the moment of their search, when they are most interested.

EveryStudent.com is in 40+ languages, reaching more than 33 million people last year. Your investment can help meet the goal of doubling or tripling that reach.

Many of these people live in the Middle East, China, Indonesia…traditionally “closed” countries. Yet we are able to speak to them, at the moment they are searching.                       

The Search for God Starts at Google

Every article and video on EveryStudent.com is written directly to nonbelievers, students and adults. Through Google advertising, people are coming to EveryStudent.com articles that exactly answer their question, and give them persuasive reasons to begin a relationship with God.

Google advertising is bringing searching people to EveryStudent sites in these languages: Arabic, Chinese, Turkish, Indonesian, Urdu, Hindi, Spanish, Portuguese, French, English, German, Polish, Romanian, Slovakian and Russian. (Each of these sites offer in-depth discipleship for new believers.)

An average of 3,000 people each day tell us they have asked Jesus into their lives while on the site.

With your help, millions more people throughout the world can be drawn to the site, at a cost of just 4 cents a person. Where else could you reach nonbelievers, who are searching, for 4 cents a person?                  

New Believers Can Grow Right Away

When people tell us they asked Jesus into their lives, we offer them a way to immediately begin growing, through a 7-part email series called, “The Spiritual Starter Kit.” They may also ask questions and receive coaching from a team of dedicated Online Missionaries.

On the English site, an average of 35% of those new believers enter their email address and sign up for The Spiritual Starter Kit right away. Another 10% of new believers move directly to the companion growth site, “StartingwithGod.com.”

To see nearly half of new believers immediately begin growing is out of the norm in most mission settings. But it is so easy to serve new believers this way. And they are extremely grateful:

“Until you came along, I was going to do something that I would have regretted for the rest of my life. Once again, I want to thank you. Not only has it opened my eyes, but my heart as well. It is amazing the way I see things now, as opposed to the way I did a few weeks ago. If you knew me personally you would be amazed at the changes in me.”

“I want to thank God SO MUCH! Because EveryStudent.com came to my Life. Right now I’m in a relationship with God. It’s true that we are designed to be in a relationship with him. I feel Complete. I’m inspired to help others know God.”

“I am slowly learning about this amazing Jesus our Lord our savior. I must say I am in awe of our God. He is wonderful. I am getting to know him more easily and wanting to find out more. I am excited to read the book of John. I am proud to be a follower of Jesus Christ.”

These new believers can continue growing in a personal, in-depth way for well over a year.

Also, everyone (nonbelievers or believers) can email a question to the site and receive a personal reply. They can ask to meet with someone locally as well.

Right now, every $100 = 2500 people visit = 33 likely to receive Christ.

Where else could you invest $100, with the likelihood of 33 people beginning a relationship with God? And do so even in countries where it is dangerous to speak of Jesus?

Every $1,000 = 25,000 people reached = 333 likely to receive Christ.

Would you like to reach the very people around the world who are searching for God? This opportunity is now. We don’t know how governments might restrict EveryStudent.com sites in the future. We welcome your partnership with us.

If you would like to receive a report of some results from your gift, Marilyn Adamson, the creator/director of EveryStudent.com, writes and sends an email update every two months. People have said it is “inspiring.” If you would like to receive it, just email Marilyn.Adamson@cru.org and ask to receive her “Update from EveryStudent.com.”

Website: http://www.everystudent.com

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