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Dear Kingdom Partners in Christ,

Greetings to you in His mighty name. My name is Jafet Madhu and my Wife name is Liliana Urmila Madhu, We have one son name is Arghya Madhu 13 years old on and one daughter 9 years going on. We are believed that God has chosen us for proclaiming gospel of Jesus specially among the Muslim & Hindu  generation of Bangladesh through Campus Crusade for Christ ministry. We are also thankful to God and happy that He has placed us to proclaim the gospel in Bangladesh like a big Muslim country. I am the co-coordinator of Global Church Movement in Bangladesh. I am also the strategy planner of Muslim Evangelism in Bangladesh also the National Leadership Team member. My wife is the prayer coordinator of Savar women fellowship group. God has given us big responsibility to glorify His name is the generation of Bangladesh, Please pray so that we can play our role effectivly for expand God's kingdom in the generation of Bangladesh.

We are doing Ministry with Campus Crusade for Christ 19 years going on. Me and my wife are life time committed to serve Him.
We believe that God, His word and the souls of men are the only three things that will be last forever according to Bible. The more we are involved in those things, the more we take part in eternal. We believe that God has called us to serve among students and to invest our life in them. It is amazing to us that He can use us to serve the lost, and help them grow into maturity in Christ.
In order to reach Bangladesh for Christ we need a Mission Team.
As we are your Missionary and looking for Ministry partner as well as who will pray for our ministry and will help us financially. It is a faith- mission organization. It is therefore the responsibility and privilege of each staff member to find Ministry Partners to invest in their ministry.
Therefore our prayer and request to you please invest your contibuation for Lord's ministry as much as possible for you and consider it monthly, quarterly or one time donation as you like. Sure your investment will proper use for expanding Lord's Kingdom in Bangladesh. Thanks for your heart for Lord ministry. God bless you.

Jafet & Liliana Urmila Madhu
Campus Crusade for Christ
Ministry Services-2400
100 Lake Hart Dr.
Orlando, Fl.32832-0100.
also show note that donation for Jafet Madhu Bangladesh staff.
Account No. 2810234.

"And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the entire world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come" (Matthew 24: 14 KJV)

In obedience to the Lord, it is our desire to bring the good news i.e. the Gospel to all the nations of the world.
We appeal to you to help us to keep teaching, preaching and reaching to the lost souls of this world.
Your faith seed donation will help us reach the lost!
Your little amount can help to change Bangladesh

Website: http://give.cru.org/2810234

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