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Cru at Kennesaw State University has a growing movement. The campus itself has doubled in size in the last five years and is beginning to reach a greater potential than was ever before thought. The movement of Cru is excited to grow with the school. More students attending KSU means more lives that have potential to be changed.

We believe that every student matters to God. He loves them and has a plan for their lives. Many students have heard of God, Jesus, Christianity but think of it as just something someone does on a Sunday at a church. Christianity, a relationship with the God of the universe goes far beyond that. Our mission: "To help build spiritual movements everywhere so that everyone knows someone who truly follows Jesus."

Our strategic effort to reach people for Christ is a three-fold strategy: to win students to Christ, to build them in their faith, and to equip and send them to reach others for Christ. Find out specifics of our ministry at

We are following Christ's call for our lives to change the world. You can be part of changing eternity. Will you join us?

We would love to invite you to join our team financially. Giving to Cru at KSU will allow us to make the Gospel real and relevant for students in Kennesaw, GA. Two specific needs we have:
1. Ongoing/monthly financial partnership
2. Special, one-time donations

Monthly partnership will allow us to host events for students to connect with students, allowing Christians to build community; to provide services to the campus, free water when it's hot, food, fun weekly/monthly events; to connect with students through promotion via social media and posters/banners around campus.

Special gifts will enable us to scholarship students on Christ-focused retreats, conferences and events. These are where students who may be on the fence about accepting Christ to experience Him in unique ways, where students grow in community and are encouraged to take the Gospel back onto campus. We also have the vision to host campus-wide events like Maze where students hear the Gospel presented in such a way their doubts are put aside for a moment and can experience God's good message.

Your financial partnership will help advance the work of our Lord's Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). Thank you for making a difference; thank you for helping change lives now and for eternity.

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