Jacksonville Homeless Care Kits


There are multitudes of homeless women and men, concerned parents, worried children, and more ... and more military veterans ... living on the streets.

Every $38.75 you give today will provide a Homeless Care Kit - a blanket, gloves, scarf, cap, socks, hygiene basics, and a clear gospel presentation - and help keep all of our ministries going.

Perhaps God will lead you to give $77.50 for two Kits ... or $116.25 for three ... or even more.

This annual evangelistic tradition changes lives and lifts up Jesus.

Would you help us provide these kits!?

  • $38.75 to reach 1 homeless child or adult
  • $77.50 to reach 2 homeless children or adults
  • $116.25 to reach 3 homeless children or adults
  • $155.00 to reach 4 homeless children or adults
  • $387.50 to reach 10 homeless children or adults
  • $581.25 to reach 15 homeless children or adults

Thank you for considering this request. Your partnership in this outreach will offer hope and practical help during this cold time to many in our community!

Tony Johnson
The Inner City Ministry of Cru

For more information about this ministry, please contact jacksonville.innercity@cru.org.

Website: http://jacksonville.cru.org/innercity

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