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Josh McDowell Ministry’s online presence is more than just a website. It is part of an important strategy to win, build, send and multiply disciples using technology. This initiative meets the spiritual needs of people globally by reaching into any geographic or political region in the world — going where missionaries cannot go — and sharing truth with those who may otherwise seem inaccessible.

Collaborating with mission organizations and Christian leaders in the United States and around the world to advance the kingdom is a high priority. We do this by sharing free downloadable books, sermons, small group studies, preformatted presentation aids and extensive research that leaders can use for ministry. In countries where printed Christian books and CDs/DVDs are dangerous to distribute, specialized foreign language websites are being created, offering free, downloadable resources that can be easily distributed, translated and published in the local heart language.

Our website,, houses extensive apologetic and relational content that is extremely helpful for pastors, youth leaders, educators, parents and grandparents. With an attitude of “no question is off-limits,” the Ministry has made it a priority to ensure that the hard questions youth ask actually get answered from a relevant, biblical perspective and are all accessible with the click of a mouse.

Today’s youth are active and highly visual learners. That is why our Internet ministry places relevant, graphically-engaging messages on platforms like YouTube, iTunes, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and mobile apps, reaching young people where they are. Through these communication methods, the Ministry is able to provide resources that equip youth to stand strong in their faith and live it out among their peers. 

The need to continue a vibrant Internet presence includes staffing our online department, updating the website, creating and supporting new sites, creating new web-ready Josh resources and expanding our social media outreach. These resources will allow us to maintain a strong media presence, build new relationships and partnerships, and provide reliable content for parents, pastors, leaders, youth and truth seekers around the world.

YOU can help meet this need and share God’s truth with more men, women and children worldwide!

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