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Cru LA bridges all of Cru's Metro LA ministries, and nearly 450 staff, for joint prayer & cooperative efforts.

Cru City has identified five Gates in our cities: Conveners, Influentials, Multipliers, Millennials, and Inner City. While Cru LA has leadership committed from our various ministries such as JESUS Film, KCCC, Epic & Destino Campus ministries; Cru LA currently has staff serving in Conveners, Inner City, and in process of building a Millennials group! We’d love to have staff serving in every City Gate for strategic collaboration both inside Cru and outside, for Gospel transformation and the well-being of our city. Please contact: if you are interested in serving in one of these gates! It's about partnerships, partnerships, partnerships...and we cannot do it alone! 

Recently, we've seen The Lord bring many diverse churches & ministries partnering together for Love LA, Together LA, and Unify LA!!! Certainly God is at work in LA, doing exciting things as the body of Christ works together & movements birth!

Tim Keller of NYC says, "For as the cities go, so goes the culture."  And we add, "As LA or NY goes, so goes the cities!" The 10/40 Window of today is the City…the current & future missionary challenge! The five counties of Greater LA (LA, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside, and Ventura) represent .3% of World, 6% of U.S., and 48% of CA. If Greater LA were a state, by population it would be the 3rd largest state in the union. While California hosts more billionaires than anywhere else (one out of nine in the world is from the Golden State), it is also said that LA is a third world city in a first world country with the widening gap between the rich and poor! It’s the first time in county and state history that the white population does not make up the majority. What a significant time and place to reach the Southland with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Thank you for making a difference in the City, for the City!

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