Zlatko Buckoski


Thanks for visiting my giving page. I live and work in Macedonia, a small  country located in the central Balkan peninsula in Southeastern Europe. Macedonia is beautiful country full with nature, with diverse nations and cultures and long and eventful history.

The spiritual situation in Macedonia

Due to big unemployment rate, huge economic and political insecurity, corrupted law system, air pollution etc. young people are nervous, apathetic, hopeless and looking for a way to leave the country and find their hope and happiness in some developed and financially stable country. There is belief that money can grant you happiness, security and fulfillment.

Although we have a huge crosses on the top of many mountains, the religion of majority is based on following "grandfather traditions", formalism and celebrating holidays and saints days. After decades of communism, atheistic Marxism has shaped the people's worldview and has indoctrinated the educational system. In all the country there are only about 0.13 % Bible-believing Christians who truly believe, live and practice Jesus teachings. For that reason, I believe the Gospel is a huge need in Macedonia.

I came to believe in God through natural sciences, but I came to know Christ through Cru ministry and I'm happy, excited and passionate for the opportunity to serve God through this movement. I'm deeply convicted that if we reach today's students for Christ, we will reach tomorrow's world.

Why college students?

  • They are the most influential 1 percent of the society
  • The future leaders of society pass through our colleges and universities
  • Historically, most major revivals and world mission movements have started on college campuses
  • They have the potential to greatly influence the next generation

My ministry roles:

  • Outreaches
  • Promoting the Gospel and Christian values among students
  • One-on-one discipleship
  • Mentoring students for their personal development
  • Leading Bible studies
  • Training students to lead Bible study
  • Training students how to lead someone else in maturity
  • Training students to be fruitful laborers for Christ
  • Building spiritual movements with the same vision
  • Leading a team working in the capital Skopje and western Macedonia cities
  • Apologetic ministry (writing books, developing a website - currently the only in Macedonian language with apologetic resources where both believers and non-believers can research and find answers for the Christian faith. )
  • Leading our summer Speak Out camp
Work is hard, but joyful. If you are considering to become my ministry partner and support me in this exciting ministry in Macedonia, please contact me on zbuckoski@yahoo.com or Facebook.
"Come over to Macedonia and help us!" (Acts 16:9)

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