Zlatko Buckoski


Thank you for visiting my web giving page. I live and serve the Lord in Macedonia, southeastern European country. I came to know Christ through Campus Crusade for Christ and I'm happy, excited and passionate for the opportunity to serve God through this movement.

My target area is the University campus in Skopje and western Macedonia cities. My passion and vision is to reach the  students. I'm deeply convicted that if we reach today's students for Christ, we will reach tomorrow's world.

Why college students?

  • They are the most influential 1 percent of the society
  • The future leaders of society pass through our colleges and universities
  • Over 90% of all people who become Christians do so before the age of 25
  • Historically, most major revivals and world mission movements have started on college campuses
  • They have the potential to greatly influence the next generation

Our mission:

  • Outreaches
  • Personal Evangelism (active, bold and clear)
  • One-on-one discipleship
  • Bible studies
  • Training students to be fruitful laborers for Christ
  • Sending them to impact their campus and ultimately the world for Jesus Christ
  • Building spiritual movements with the same vision

My ministry roles:
  • Evangelism, discipleship and training students to be a fruitful laborers for Christ
  • Leading a team to reach western Macedonia cities
  • Apologetic ministry (developing a website, currently the only  in Macedonian language with apologetic resources where both believers and non-believers can research and find answers for the Christian faith. )
  • Leading our summer outreach project (Speak Out camp)

Become my ministry partner

Campus Crusade has no central funds for paying salaries and ministry expenses. That's why, if you feel concerned and share the same passion for reaching the college students, in the name of Christ, I invite you to be my ministry partner and support my ministry in this needy part of Europe. Your partnership would make an eternal difference in helping to bring the message of Christ's love and forgiveness to students in Macedonia.

You can contact me via E-mail at: zbuckoski@yahoo.com and we can start our communication from there.



"Come over to Macedonia and help us!" (

Acts 16:9


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