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God puts leaders in positions of influence in all segments of society and in all the nations of the world to fulfill His purpose.

We strive to encourage and empower leaders to step into their God-given role as a transformational leader—to experience life to the full, not satisfied by status or success, but by stepping into the call of God’s plan that was uniquely designed for them.

As these leaders join with others, integrate their faith into their home and work life and form a vision for their city, we believe that God will use them to transform their cities, nations, and ultimately the world for Christ.

We are entering a new phase of missions—to empower leaders in society to create change within the mission field of the workplace. This is why we are focused on reaching society’s leaders, those that have an influence over the economy, education, government—in fact, all sectors of society.

LeaderImpact challenges leaders to grow in their personal, professional and spiritual lives with a combination of industry-leading resources, genuine peer groups, and engaging events.

By providing uncommon opportunities, facilitating relationships that matter and introducing the opportunity for life change, LeaderImpact invites leaders to enter into the adventure and fulfillment of a life lived to the fullest.

We invite you to help take a step of faith and become engaged in helping raise up strong, transformational current and future leaders.

Reach leaders in the world’s large cities for Christ and impact entire nations for eternity.

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