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You can help make GMU Love Week a reality! Every Fall semester, the GMU student body joins together in an amazing humanitarian event called GMU Love Week! Love Week, which is led by Mason Cru and made possible by the entire Mason family, aims to provide practical and economically-sustainable relief to some of the international community's most needful people groups. A central tenant of Love Week is that when we truly love people and reach out to them in a way that provides for their greatest needs, we're capable of changing the world.

Each Love Week includes media promotions and a massive t-shirt sale, with 100% gross sales donated to the funding of the relief goods and programs. This is followed by a week of awareness training on campus, which culminates in a gigantic, all-day, campus-wide event to gather, pack, and ship the sponsored materials. And we need your help! Please consider donating to GMU Love Week and changing the lives of people who are in great need! Please check out for more details regarding this current year's beneficiary, and feel free to contact Mason Cru staff if you have questions regarding Love Week, donation money, or event details.

Mason Cru is a local branch of CCCI, and a member of the ECFA. All gifts to GMU Love Week are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated!


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