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As called missionaries, we have always gone where the people are. Where are people today? Mobile, online, digital. Cru understands the changing way people connect and communicate. Millions of people today live in a digital world through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Reddit.

People are increasingly looking for community, help and answers online. Modern technology poses its share of challenges but also provides incredible leverage to introduce people to Christ, build them up in their faith and form networks of fellowships that have no boundaries.

Recognizing that many people worldwide use the Web to explore spirituality, we see Internet evangelism and discipleship as a key component in helping seekers begin a relationship with God and follow Jesus, despite limitations previously imposed by geography, economy or ideology.

Witness the amazing expansion of the audience for our JESUS Film, which, thanks to an easily downloaded phone application, can now be viewed or shared in 1,160 languages. Or the great response to “Falling Plates,” a four-minute Cru video about the power of the gospel viewed by 1.4 million people on YouTube, with 100,000 additional viewings every month.

It’s incredible what technology enables us to do, if we have the breadth of vision to create and share digital media in fresh and effective ways.Digital strategies can provide tremendous leverage for broadening the reach of the gospel: crossing boundaries that traditional missionaries cannot, quickening the journey from decision to disciples, and globally connecting people through shared Christian learning.

Thanks to such innovation, God’s Word is just a click away.

Today the world stands at a remarkable crossroads—a unique time in history in which God’s people may very likely realize the completion of the Great Commission. No one knows when, but each multiplying disciple brings us closer. As the body of Christ, we must focus on finishing the task together!

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