Call Her Blessed: Providing hope and restoration for abused and persecuted women in the Middle East.

*Basimah’s father beat her and raped her regularly, all the while professing faith in and obedience to God. When she turned 15 years old, her father married her to a devout Muslim, where she found herself in another abusive situation.

“I was afraid of God. I would tell Him, ‘You are the one who destroyed me! You gave me bad parents.’”

In the midst of this darkness, *Raja, the Executive Director of Call Her Blessed (CHB), faithfully witnessed to Basimah, leading her and several of her family members to Christ, including her once abusive father. Through counseling and discipleship with CHB, Basimah’s view of God changed.

“I began to love Him. Now, He is a fulfilling God and Father to me.”

However, following Christ has come at a high price for Basimah and her family. Soon they were publicly persecuted because of the shame their conversion had brought upon their Muslim family, and Basimah began receiving death threats. CHB arranged for Basimah to flee to another country and although still lonely, she is thankful for the opportunity to safely study the scriptures and continue following Jesus.

Sadly, stories like Basimah’s are common in the Middle East. Countless women are victims of gender-based violence, and like Basimah, they need physical, emotional, and spiritual restoration. CHB provides safety, housing, medical aid, food, transportation, counseling, and most importantly, the hope of the gospel, to women who are suffering from abuse and persecution.

CHB has offered services to dozens of women in the past 5 years; most have made decisions to follow Jesus. Five of them are now financially independent and several have decided to work with CHB to rescue others from situations once similar to their own.

Please consider partnering with us and spreading the word about the redeeming work God is doing in the Middle East among victims of abuse and persecution.

* For security reasons, names have been changed and extensive details about this ministry withheld. If you would like to find out more, please direct your inquiries to our secure email account,

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