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Dear Friend in Christ,

God is doing such extraordinary things! It’s hard to know where to start.

But I will, by expressing my gratitude for you. It’s your faithfulness, your prayers and generous giving that help make all I’m about to share a reality.

I cannot mention the country, even the part of the world. It would simply be too dangerous for our brothers and sisters in Christ. Extremists and radicals here influence and desensitize children to the shedding of blood. They teach them early to destroy life, and most who become fighters have killed at least one person by the time they reach 16 years of age!

One of these fighters is a man I will call Tawab. Now an adult and fully hardened, last July he was on the front lines of brutal fighting. He said he came under deep conviction, being suddenly aware of “devils in my heart.”

Returning from battle, he just happened to go by a showing of JESUS. Because it was in his language, he stopped to watch. This was remarkable, for he was considered a war hero, a celebrity, having killed many people for their cause. Why would he watch a film about Jesus?

Yet something moved his soul as he experienced the story, heard the Word of God in his heart language and felt the love of Christ. He said, “The devils in my heart fell silent.” As he watched, Tawab became so engaged that he kept asking the team to stop, requesting that they explain what he had just seen and heard. It took five hours to finish the film!

Tawab believed, laid his many sins on the cross, received forgiveness and was made new in Christ. The transformation was so great in him that he took the film team back to his village, where they showed JESUS well into the early morning hours. His entire family, all 10, also received Christ.

The next day the team showed JESUS to 45 families in the village, about 500 people. Again, they all became followers of Jesus.

A follow-up team visited the area last November. Tawab, the fierce warrior, had led 75 more fighters to Christ. And each one is now leading a home church! Using the film, former radical fighters have reached a total of 100 villages!

What a wonderful report! Nothing is impossible for our God!

A ministry leader visiting in Africa linked up with an American combat vet, a new Christian, just 3 months old in Christ, but zealous to win others. Together, they decided to take the JESUS film into one of the most dangerous prisons in all of Nigeria. This notorious place houses 250 senior leaders of the brutal, radical group Boko Haram—most awaiting execution.

“These leaders are held in isolation. No one is given access to them. Long- established missionaries and pastors told us, ‘Don’t even try.’ They warned, ‘There is no way the warden will give you permission.’

“We went anyway, entering the warden’s office. He was a follower of {the dominant religion}. ‘Mr. Warden, sir, we would like to share our faith about Jesus with these Boko Haram prisoners.’

“The warden was a big guy, a mean-looking, intimidating officer. He leaned back in his chair and thought. Then he leaned forward and slammed his hand on the desk, announcing, ‘I have the power in my fingers over every inmate in this prison … I grant you access.’

“So, there we were, setting up the small JESUS film equipment, connecting the speakers and unfolding the screen. We were surrounded by radicals who would just as soon slit our throats. We showed them the JESUS film, in their heart language. They all watched closely. Then that combat vet, a 3-month-old believer in the Lord, stood before these men and gave his testimony. Thirty-one of these Boko Haram leaders gave their hearts to Jesus. I was amazed.”

One more report …

“Turkana Country” is a semi-arid desert, extremely isolated, in the northeast part of Kenya. Stone-age settlements have been uncovered here that reveal millennia of conflict and fighting, which continues to this day.

Share International is a ministry partner that uses JESUS (there are now more than 1,800 such partners!). They formed a team to go into Turkana, to what they called, “The most dreaded of territories, the town of Kibish.” Most people, including government officials refuse to even come near. It is that dangerous.

“The road to Kibish was rough, rocky, hilly, bushy and muddy. Our vehicles swerved through the mud. {When near,} we were advised to find a security escort because of bandits. The Lord, our God, led us through the feared section, and we eventually safely arrived in Kibish. *

“No movement is allowed here after 6:00 PM, a curfew. So, we shared the gospel with the villagers in their homes and 72 gave their lives to Jesus! The people then requested that we hold an evangelistic meeting and publicly show the JESUS film. We were given an enclosed, gated area with a heavy contingent of security officers. After the screening, many villagers who had been watching from the outside thronged the entrances to learn more about the gospel. We were left in awe!

“The soldiers and officials asked us to prolong our visit. One leader asked our help to bring peace to other communities in this troubled area. According to Joshua 1:3, God told Joshua that He will give him every place where he sets his foot. Therefore, we have possessed the Kibish spiritually. A great revival will emanate from Kibish in the coming days!”

At the core of that revival will surely be the Holy Spirit, courageous servants of God (including film teams), many ministry partners, His Word, the JESUS film, and the showing tools—tools you send that enable these workers to present this powerful, visual portrayal of the gospel in a people’s heart language.

We recently received a wonderful email report about those tools. A Jesus Film Project staff coordinator met with the leader of a ministry in northern India. This partner ministry is planting churches in India, Nepal, Bhutan and other nations using JESUS. (It was founded years ago by a man from a head-hunter tribe, who miraculously came to Christ!)

Now that man’s grandson leads the ministry. From the email report came this (speaking of receiving a JESUS film showing set): “With tears in his eyes he told me, ‘We have always dreamed of being able to have this equipment for our church planters but never knew that it could be available to us.’”

It’s available because of you! Your partnership is spreading the Word of the Living God to unreached people. More than 1,800 partner ministries are using those tools and 1,824 different translations of JESUS to reach them. All glory to Him!

It’s why I invite you to seek His mind and leading. Ask our God if He might lead you to again help equip these partners with the tools they need—especially for those based in the developing world, ministries that don’t have the financial resources.

As you are able, please come alongside them through a gift of $100, $750 or even $5,000. You can also provide a specific piece of equipment such as a NewLifeBox (Wi-Fi hotspot) for a gift of $220, a portable DVD player ($265), a 10-inch video tablet set with Bluetooth speakers ($570), a DVD projector set for larger groups ($1,905) or a complete Church-Planting Resource Kit (a backpack set) for a gift of $3,240. Every gift makes a difference! Give as God leads and enables you.

A few weeks ago, we received news of a generous Challenge Grant of $150,000 to equip film teams in India and Africa. The donors behind this gift want to lead the way. They are inviting you to join them. What you send will be combined with their gift, effectively doubling your impact.

So, as you feel His prompting and according to your ability, join with these giving partners, 1,800 ministry partners, and most importantly, with film teams around the world. Together, help equip them so they can shine light into the darkness, as these teams go deeper into unreached territory, where the church has not yet gone but can.

As you give, go with the teams daily through your intercession, helping them overcome the darkness—overcoming every barrier that keeps people from the cross, casting aside “every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God” (2 Corinthians 10:5, KJV).

Thank you for your heart that gives. For you, we are all very grateful.

Until everyone sees Jesus,

Josh Newell, Executive Director

Jesus Film Project®


PS. I hope you will generously respond to the $150,000 Challenge Grant. It has been given by friends of the ministry who have seen the power of the gospel experienced through JESUS, to overcome the darkness. They want to encourage you to help waiting film teams use those 1,824 translations of JESUS and other Jesus Film Project® media to win our world to Christ

As you give, your gift will be joined with theirs, effectively doubling your influence. There are so many requests for this equipment, it can be overwhelming at times! Teams and ministry partners are ready if friends like you will equip them. To donate today, please click the “give a gift” button. If you would prefer to donate by phone, please call us toll-free at 1-800-918-9929.

* There were additional details in these reports. I’ve simplified, clarified, and edited for understanding.

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