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Our world today is in desperate need of the hope, healing, and redemption found only in Jesus Christ. 

Working faithfully in some of the most politically fragile, war-torn, and impoverished countries, Cru’s national staff members are often at risk sacrificing all they have to serve Jesus.

Many national Cru staff members living in the Middle East, Africa, and Asian nations with unreached, isolated people groups, face the threat of discrimination.  Some face the realities of imprisonment, religious persecution, and extreme violence, yet they serve faithfully to advance the Gospel. People living in these countries experience ongoing fear and uncertainty but are often open to hearing about the hope and peace found in Jesus Christ.  Our national staff report that despite social and political unrest throughout their regions, there are unprecedented opportunities to share the Gospel in some areas where it has never gone before.

Cru has established the Global Front Line Staff Assistance Fund to support national staff who live and work in areas where fundraising is extremely difficult due to social, political or economic unrest. Your financial partnership with our Frontline Staff ministry can allow them to capitalize on increasing ministry opportunities to share Christ who transforms lives for eternity.

“I am sorry to say that most of the opportunities to share the Gospel in our area are because of war, hatred, killing, terrorism. Sometimes doors will open, and if it opens and we don’t use that opportunity to get in, it will close and maybe you will need to wait a long time for it to open again. Please pray for us.” -frontline staff member serving in the Middle East

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