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Cru has always believed that the key to fulfilling the Great Commission lies in Jesus’ disciples spiritually multiplying their lives. In 2010, Cru launched a new division called Global Church Movements (GCM) who seek to ensure new believers become true followers of Christ in the context of multiplying churches and faith communities. 

Many of these people live in areas that are hostile towards Christians so we cannot send trainers. However, almost every one of these followers has a mobile phone. 

Through this online training process called Nuvo, we can expand far beyond our current ability to train about 12,000 each year. When fully implemented, we expect Nuvo to train additional thousands of people whose ministry focus will be those far from Christ. They will form new multiplying missional communities. Many of these communities may become new churches. Others will remain outward-focused missional communities of existing churches.  

GCM has developed Nuvo as an online version of the Multiplying Churches and Communities training (MC²) which will allow teams to be trained as groups using their mobile phones or computers. No longer will teams be prevented from participating in training because there are no qualified trainers in their city. The entire Nuvo training process is available through an online connection. Participants are trained as part of a group, like a church. Each week, they will study passages from the Bible to see examples from Jesus and Paul’s missionary trips. When the session ends, each participant will identify specific actions they will trust God to accomplish in the next week. They will document these faith actions with a group member who is their accountability partner. Partners will pray for one another during the week and check in to see how each is doing at completing their faith actions and praising God together when He brings results. 

Imagine the number of new churches that could be planted through this initiative!

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