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When you need an important job done — anything from fixing a medical problem to fixing a car — where do you turn? To someone with experience. That's Jade! I look forward to the day she begins her full-time ministry in the inner city.

Like all Cru staff, she is raising her own support. She's been at it well over a year. Why is it taking so long? Many reasons. Jade is African-American, and staff members from ethnic minority communities face some obstacles.

  • These communities have fewer resources available, which makes it difficult for people to give. Our Executive Director for Inner City, Milton Massie (also an African-American), notes that people of his ethnicity have an average of 20% less disposable income than people from the majority culture.
  • There's also a different perspective on giving in some minority cultures — "taking care of your own" is the mindset ... fundraising is frowned upon.
  • Furthermore, someone raised in a non-Christian home or community has a narrower range of potential givers. Jade can "count on one hand" the number of Christians she knew growing up.

Yet once they've raised enough support to live, ethnic-minority staff leap over the racial and cultural barriers that Caucasian staff often encounter.

Which is one big reason we are committed to come alongside them, to get them to work sooner — through our Minority Matching Challenge.

Through this Fund, minority staff receive one dollar from the Fund for every dollar they raise on their own.

Which means every dollar you give to this Minority Matching Fund is matched dollar-for-dollar, its impact literally doubled. We know this strategy works; the Fund has helped us build our current staff.

So would you please respond quickly and make a strong statement of support for our minority staff by giving a generous Matching gift?

Please prayerfully consider, too, whether you would like to join others in making a monthly commitment to an ethnic minority staff member. 

In Him,

Milton Massie
Executive Director

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