Faculty Commons Upstate SC


Building movements of Christ-centered professors and students to bring the hope of Jesus Christ to
​the Upstate of SC​ and ​to ​the World.

Come partner with us as we influence through the ministry of Faculty Commons the ​over ​2000 professors at ​USC Upstate, Limestone College and other colleges across the upstate​ who are influencing the ​50​,000 students who will be the next generation of leaders in South Carolina and the World. We seek to equip professors who ​will​ integrate their faith and scholarship in their classrooms and departments. We invite ​non-Christian ​professors to investigate the person of Jesus Christ in a relational, positive ​intellectually-satisfying ​context.

In March 2014​,​ ​​25​ professors ​& staff from USC Upstate ​bravely put their names​ ​and departments on an ​ ​Easter ​ad in The​ ​Carolinian​​ ​claiming to follow Jesus and inviting students to talk with them and visit several websites to find out more.

Thanks for joining our partnership. To find out more about this ministry,
​​email john.lancaster@​cru​.org or​ mark.bouchillon@cru.org ​.​


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