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Faculty Commons at Purdue University, known on campus at the Christian Faculty Staff Network (CFSN), has a mission to develop a Christ-centered movement of current and future "missional professors" ...so that every student knows at least one and so that every academic discipline has robust Christian scholars working together to restore the credibility of the Christian worldview in a secular university.

For more information, contact the Purdue CFSN director, Corey Miller.

You can learn more by visiting the CFSN website. You can also visit Corey Miller's personal website for background or speaking engagements.

Thank you for your investment in the Kingdom of God. If we can get the professor, then by extension we get the classroom too for 30 years!

Imagine the future!

Click here for a sample of a Movement of Missional Professors!

Website: http://www.purduecfsn.com/

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