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The Fellowship of Christian Faculty and Staff on the campus of Oklahoma State University is associated with Faculty Commons, the faculty ministry of Cru. At OSU we gather as a "transformed minority"; men and women who love the academy, who find the person and works of Jesus of Nazareth to be satisfying and true, and who look to Him as the beautiful hope for the world.

We dream of the day when there are small movements of believing professors and professional staff across the OSU campus, circles of people gathering for the exchange of ideas and the sharing of lives. People who are willing to wrestle with the ever-challenging question, "As a follower of Jesus Christ, what should I be and do in the academy?"

We can imagine a university where...

  • truth and kindness, mercy and love, grace and peace are reflected through God's people in their research, teaching, and service;
  • men and women believe that the life of the mind and the life of faith are integrated in glorifying God;
  • tough questions of meaning, morality, truth, and hope are openly explored ... and Jesus Christ is considered as a viable option;
  • the long-term loving impact of a group of Christian faculty, professional staff, and graduate students affects the worldview, morals, and values of the university culture;
  • Christian scholars are shaping our nation's future leaders and the academic system which produces them;
  • Christian communities on campus are united in meaningful and compelling ways;
  • seekers and skeptics are attracted to the message of Jesus with many placing their faith in Him.

Our Mission
We are believing God to raise up a community of thoughtful Christ-centered scholars and professional staff who work together to serve and shape the modern university (its intellectual life, moral climate, and people) with the message of Jesus Christ.

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