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Gifts to Help Them See, Hear and Understand "JESUS"

You can fund an entire new language translation or a segment of one to give a people group the chance to hear Him speak.

  • Complete Language Translation - Lip-Sync of “JESUS” - $38,000: This is a historic opportunity! You can let an entire people group be enabled to hear Jesus speak the Word of God in their heart language. Reach an unreached people group in the language they most understand.
  • Single Voice Narration - New Language Version - $17,000: Small, isolated people groups live in extremely remote areas. They have developed their own unique languages or dialects. Although small in number, they, too need to hear Him speak. A Single Voice Narration of “JESUS” can be recorded by a Jesus Film partner, equipped to produce a translation in a matter of days. You can take the gospel to the least-reached peoples on earth.
  • Script Creation for New Translation - $7,500: The first and most important step of translation: Your gift will cover the cost to support a linguist, working with nationals, as they create an accurate script of “JESUS.”
  • Finish a Language - $6,000:  Your gift will help finish a translation(s) not yet fully underwritten. Once funded, and when completed, this new language version of “JESUS” will be launched to reach people who have never heard. (A specific language will be assigned and you will receive a report on your translation.)
  • “JESUS” Key Scenes Multi-Voice Narration - $3,000: Utilizes a smaller number of actors to narrate and provide voice to key scenes. This style of recording is for smaller populations when it’s not possible to cast every role, or where a more expensive lip-sync version of the “JESUS” film isn’t practical. Your gift will ensure the new translation produced by partners meets high-quality standards and is ready to reach an entire people group with “JESUS.”
  • You can send a gift to fund just a portion of a new language version of “JESUS” for $320 per minute. One segment lasts approximately 2 minutes. “Minute Sponsors” are also needed for “Magdalena,” “The Story of Jesus for Children,” follow-up films, and “My Last Day.” With your gift, you can let people see Jesus heal the blind man, raise Jairus’ daughter from the dead, or hear him say that He forgives those who put Him on the cross. As people see, hear and understand, they believe. 
  • Small People Group Language Recording Equipment - $15,000: A powerful, easy-to-use portable recorder/editor for Single Voice Narration versions of “JESUS.” With this equipment, a partner can produce a new language version of “JESUS” in only a few days! Over the course of a year, a single team can give the gospel to tens of thousands. Each team needs two recorder/editors, potentially giving 24 people groups the gospel through your gift.

Website: http://www.jesusfilm.org/

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