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Every day over 6000 grad students at Penn State University wake up and hopefully take one step closer to finishing their advance degree. They work so hard so that they can fulfill their purpose to help expand our understanding of the world, shape culture and prepare the next generation of leaders. What an incredible opportunity and responsibility to influence the world!

However, many of them do so at a great cost. They sacrifice relationships, emotional health, and financial security among other things. Most significantly, they may sacrifice their relationship with God. With the demands and pull of grad school, many see God as either irrelevant or a luxury they can't currently afford.

But what if that didn't have to be so? What if instead of seeing God as a distraction or maybe even a barrier to their success, they began to see Him as something else? What if they began to see that they could really thrive in grad school -- not just survive -- and that God was their only hope for that to happen? What if they began to see that a relationship with God was not just the key to life in grad school, but was life itself? What if that life was so abundant they had to share it with others? And what if that sharing of life was so complete that God brought them into the fullest sense of their calling -- joining Him in influencing the world for good? It can happen. In fact, it already is.

At Penn State, God is building a community of grad students rooted in Jesus Christ that seek to stimulate and support one another to trust God wholeheartedly with their lives, to walk intimately with Him, and to passionately join Him in drawing others to Himself so that:

  • Every grad student on campus hears the gospel in an attractive and meaningful manner.
  • Grad students connect with others to deepen their relationship with God and to be equipped to walk by faith, integrate their faith, communicate their faith, and multiply their faith.
  • Grad students are encouraged and mobilized to walk with God for a lifetime, to embrace His calling for their life, and to help build spiritual movements everywhere.

This is just the beginning. Imagine a day when this community is one of many that comprise a network of grad student communities all over the U.S. and beyond.

Your contribution can make a difference for reaching grad students for Christ. Thank you for partnering with us to invite grad students to know Jesus Christ, to invest in the faith of men and women at Penn State, and to mobilize laborers into the harvest here and around the world.

For more details, please contact Alex Verseput at or Brian and April Thrush at


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