Nagib and Rebecca Hermes


Nagib and Becca work with Cru City, an adult ministry arm of Cru. Instead of working on a college campus, we work in the city of Atlanta.  If the campus is like a greenhouse, with cultivated conditions for carefully monitored growth, the city is like a wild field. Plants are growing all the time, but different types in different places and different seasons! 

Our desire is to engage the spiritually curious and equip the follower of Christ so that everyone finds their place in God’s Story, paying attention to what’s growing in the wild field. As Jesus told his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful...” Cru City seeks to reflect Jesus to the whole city, both through individual opportunities for evangelism and discipleship and together in partnership with churches and community organizations.

The avenues we will be engaging in ministry include:

1. Discipling young professionals. Atlanta is increasingly post-Christian. Many Believers don't even admit they are Christians in their workplace, much less intentionally shine a light for Christ. Our goal is to help them mature in Christ so they can navigate the challenges of non-Christian work environments in a way that is winsome for introducing others to Jesus.

2. Shepherding couples through infertility, miscarriage, and adoption. These processes are hard, confusing, and overwhelming. We provide support in a time that often brings up big spiritual questions. We hope to partner with local churches, fertility clinics, and adoption networks to provide helpful support groups, as well as individual support.

3. Partnering with Atlanta Westside Presbyterian Church. Becca has been partnering with AWPC through giving leadership to the Bible study arm of discipleship. Nagib will be partnering as an associate pastor at AWPC, giving 10 hours/week to focus on premarital and marriage ministry, as well as some preaching and teaching.

We cannot do this work alone. We need your prayers and your financial partnership!


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