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Think back to your time in college, or imagine your child’s experience. What if you had a classmate, roommate, or coworker that cared to tell you that you are loved, and despite your shortcomings He offers an abundant life. How radically different would your life be today? If someone was this person to you then praise God, but imagine if they had not told you about Jesus!

Being partnered with you, we will be able to WIN the hearts and minds of college students to Jesus Christ through conversations and campus outreach, BUILD their faith through discipleship and life-changing community, and SEND them out into the world equipped to follow Jesus for a lifetime, leading countless others to an abundant life in Jesus name.

Thanks for prayerfully considering to partner with us in the Great Commission. Without your prayers and financial generosity we would not be able to devote the best hours of our week to this mission.

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Ben - (772-285-8611)
Christina - (916-293-1962)


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