Josiah and Rebecca Kelsall


A man was digging out in a field -- just a normal day, the heat of the sun on his back, his hands dry and tired -- when he hit something hard in the ground. The further he dug, the more anticipation welled in his heart. He'd found a treasure. Cash. Gold. Priceless items in a big, hard box. But he didn't tell a soul. Instead, he covered it up. He ran home, jumped online and did some research on the value of ... well, everything he owned. Altogether, his home, clothes, the food in his pantry, any family keepsake he had was worth less than the treasure he'd found. He sold it all and made a reasonable amount, and then seemingly overpaid for the small field he was in only days earlier. Everyone thought he was crazy as he ran through the small field with full joy, but he knew there was a treasure underneath. A great treasure. And now it was his.

The Kingdom of Heaven's like that.
 (taken from Matthew 13)

Jesus used stories often to convey the message of His grace and the severity of rejecting it. His heart was moved with compassion for a people who desperately needed Him, and a people who hungered for story. Josiah and Becca are honored to be following His footsteps in this way. Josiah shares God's story, as well as resources to help people draw near to Christ, through working alongside teams that provide websites like,, and other websites that Cru supports. Becca has the privilege to meet with individuals and share stories of what the Lord is doing throughout the United States, the Americas, and the world. She does this through writing for Cru's publications like, Cru Storylines aw well as special projects.

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