Daniel and Kaylynn Mills


For the past 34 years, we've been involved in the Pacific Islands: 3 years in Palau, 2 years on Guam, and 5 years in the Solomon Islands. Our 4 kids were born and raised in the Islands.  We have spent the past 21 years in New Zealand, where we continue to assist the Pacific Island staff in their ministries.

Our desire in the Islands is to see that every person has the opportunity to receive Christ as their personal Savior and to walk closely with Him. We have a special burden for people, like the Pacific islanders, who have little or no access to the Gospel or Biblical teaching & training in how to live the Christian life.

Since 2012, we have been leading the ministry in Papua New Guinea (PNG), after our national director (and his wife 2 years later) passed away.  It is an honor and an awesome responsibility for us as we take on the role of National Director until we raise up another national to lead this country.  

It is very exciting to work with our 5 young local missionaries to help them build multiplying on disciples at the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) who can then reach their own people for Christ. With over 830 people groups (& languages) in PNG, we work on campus where each of these people groups are represented and where they are required to speak English. 

We teach them how to WIN people to Christ, BUILD them in their faith, TRAIN them how to lead others to Christ and disciple new believers, and SEND them out to disciple and to train other Christians to do the same (2 Tim 2:2).  Our goal is that when each student graduates from UPNG after 4 years, they leave with a degree in one hand and the ability to make multiplying disciples in the other.  This way, THEY will be the ones to help the church make multiplying disciples in every one of these 830+ people groups.

Please find out more on our personal ministry website (link below).

Website: https://www.gcx.org/mills/

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