Siddarth & Sadhana Jamble


 Siddarth Jamble & Sadhana Hagidok
Dear Sir/Mam

Greetings to you in Christ, hope you are doing well on pestilence. I and my family are doing well too. Today I would like to inform you about the ministry what we are doing in partnership. Hope the pestilence will no longer stay in this earth. But all terrible stuff will end soon and we need to move forward. The CLB in Bangladesh a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ International, (CCCI) somewhere its called Cru today through us doing partnership for Lord’s kingdom. 

The ministry we have:

1. Student (Student Lead Movement), 

2. Professionals, Leader’s around here called (LeaderImpact), 

3. Church Planting (Global Church Movement) 

4. Magdalene film show and 

5. City Saturation ministry. 

We have a goal: 

A. Make Friends to non-believer Student=250 person, LeaderImpact 200 person, City Saturation 100 person.  

B. Engage Disciple Student=200 person, LeaderImpact 150 person, City Saturation 70 person.

C. Multiply Disciple Student=150 person, LeaderImpact 70 person, City Saturation 35 person. 

D. Life time Laborer Student= 25 person. LeaderImpact 5 person,

E. City Saturation 5 person. Magdalene will be 5 Bible Study groups around Bogra City of Bangladesh. 

F. Global Church Movement will be 35 house church around Bogra City of Bangladesh. 

We going through in vision 2020, that we can achieve 60% and hope we can achieve beyond 2020.    

This is your ministry, by your prayer and your financial help. I’m doing frontline here on behave of you and Lord, so this is reality that without your help I can't do anything for Lord. Because lord have plan for you and me in Bangladesh. Please don’t stop your ministry in Bangladesh. 

Today I need your strong involvement, both prayer and financial help, and it will be monthly basis. As we have strategy each and every staff can raise their own expenses and ministry expenses. My family needs per month:

Luke 10:7 “Stay there, eating and drinking whatever they give you, for the worker deserves his wages, Do not move around from house to house.” 

Family Needs Monthly: :

a. House Rent, $50 X 5person, $250/ b. Food $50 X 5person $250/  c. Education $60 X 3 person$180/ d. Medicine $40 X 5 person, $  40/ e. Communication $20 X 5person, $100 Total = $820 

Ministry Needs per month:

a.Monthly Fellowship With Student, Leader’s, City Saturation, Magdalene and Churches $250/ b. Out Reach around Bogra city all 5 component X $50, $250/ c. Training for disciples Basic Leadership/Intermediate/Advance Leadership, $250/ d. Bible Study 5 component, each have 4 group = 20 groups X $10, $200/ e. Family visit 5 component, have 100 family $100 Total =$1050/ 

Sub total for family $ 820+ Ministry needs $ 1050= $1870 USA dollar per month. 

With Thanks 

Co-laborer in Christ 

Siddarth and Sadhana Jamble 

Mobile Phone: 0088-01920052711 & 0088-01916594667

Email: and

For Support me:

100 Lake Hart Dr., 2400 

Orlando, FL 32832-0100 

“Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” 2 Corinthians 9:7 


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