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The military is a unique culture that requires unique ministry.

The military is a unique culture within any country. They have their own support systems, rhythms of life, and challenges. Today, many families are separated because of deployments, causing unique relationship challenges that many civilians do not face. Men and women experience the effects of a long war that the rest of the country does not face. They have the same challenges everyone else faces, but often with greater intensity. They also face challenges that no one else faces.

This unique culture with its unique challenges requires unique approaches. We at Cru Military desire to be part of a community that joyfully serves our military with efforts that make a difference. We focus on developing people and resources that can meet the spiritual and life needs of local military communities.   

Will you consider partnering with us as we seek to offer the love, care and support that only Christ can bring to our troops and their families?

For more information about Cru Military, please visit Cru Military Home Page or call our Rapid Response Center at 1-800-444-6006.


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