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Poverty is often rooted in a lack of options. We work together with others to help create options for those who have few. Through a simple strategy of Connect, Empower, and Develop we help serve and mobilize the local church to live out God's heart for the poor.

Our vision is to equip and send communities of Kingdom Citizens. Kingdom Citizens are followers of Jesus who live out their 'sent-ness' — Kingdom Citizens advancing the mission of Jesus or the well-being of the city — to the extent that everyone knows someone who truly follows Him.

Into the fabric of all that we do are woven five basic operating principles. These principles, distilled from hundreds of hours of interviews with inner-city leaders, cannot be violated if we are to be successful in our mission:

  • Effective city ministry is empowering, not paternalistic — offering resources to existing ministries to help them fulfill their potential of ministering to the people of the inner city.
  • Effective city ministry is wholistic in scope — the ministry needs to be committed to addressing the needs of the whole person — body, soul, and spirit.
  • Effective city ministry emphasizes relationships as a foundation for programs — investment in long-term relationships, not short-term programs, ultimately leads to lasting change.
  • Effective city ministry addresses the root causes of problems, not just their symptoms — biblical issues of poverty, injustice, greed, and power must be addressed.
  • Effective city ministry affirms cultural diversity — resources and training must be delivered in a culturally relevant contex.

Thank you for investing in this important work. We are thankful for you! 



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