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 On a regular basis we receive urgent requests for help!

When these ministry opportunities present themselves, we need to be able to respond quickly. Your generous financial support today can make a powerful difference!

Imagine living in a country where seeking answers concerning Christianity, the Bible, or Jesus is illegal. Living amidst wars, rumors of wars, earthquakes that level buildings, kill thousands, and leave people trapped in the rubble. Others suffer from extreme loss, in emotional turmoil and heartache.

Every day, many of our Campus Crusade for Christ / Cru staff serve faithfully while living in incredibly difficult and dangerous conditions, so they can work to advance the Gospel… the only solution… the only hope!

They share the Gospel, disciple new believers, and train and disciple future leaders in both open and closed countries.

The Lord continues opening historic doors of opportunity to make an eternal impact!

Your generous gift today is a powerful way to touch countless lives with the good news of Jesus Christ and make an eternal impact!

                             Only through all of us working together, in the power of the Holy Spirit can ever
                                               accomplish the greatest mission ever given to mankind

                                                                Fulfillment of the GREAT COMMISSION

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