Howard and Laura Crutsinger


We live in an age when more people own a cell phone than a toothbrush…

Join our story by investing financially with us.

Ultimate goal: By 2020, raise up 10 Million multiplying disciples being resourced to reach out to the 5 Billion non-churched/non-Christians scattered worldwide.

Our work with Cru's Global Digital Strategies is helping lead the next generation of digital missions for the movement worldwide.

Most of our personal focus is invested with two teammates on our sub-team, Innovation Lab, developing new tools and strategies for evangelism and discipleship around the world.

The Great Commission tells us to: go and make disciples, yet

  • The Ordinary Christian is not... discipling others.
  • The Ordinary Christian does not... share their faith.

So we have created new innovative technologies to help change this norm.

God put two very clear dreams in my heart:

  1. Can I create a viral gospel video making it easy for Ordinary fearful Christian to successfully share their faith? – This miraculously birthed producing viral video #FallingPlates (4 minute Gospel presentation) which has over 16 Million views in 235 nations. View it here:
  2. And can we create a viral discipleship launching tool? – This is birthing many experimental projects still in development and refinement.

As we shepherd the #FallingPlates strategy, we are expanding to global audiences through dubbing #FallingPlates into several languages. (Do you have a language or people group you’d like to see added?)

The unprecedented global impact we are currently experiencing is compelling us to get fully funded now, because many of the unchartered strategic digital opportunities that lie ahead are within reach. But, our current financial needs are forcing us to allocate a portion of our time to get our support raised.

Please join our story prayerfully and financially. A consistent monthly/quarterly/annual gift allows us to stay focused on entering people's stories and life change.

FYI - As you click the "Give a Gift" button below, please know it will take 2-3 minutes total. Also know that an EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) through your bank allows about 2-4% more of your contribution to go toward your investment as opposed to a credit card because there is no service fees. Thanks for considering an EFT gift. However you invest, we are grateful!

God bless,

Howard & Laura Crutsinger
(Cooper, Benjamin, and Cole)
Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ)

"to reach people no one else is reaching, you have to do things no one else is doing."

Howard and Laura have been on staff for 20+ years. They led within the high school ministry prior to being asked to join the Global Digital Strategies team.


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